20 years of continuous growth and success. Our company is now known as a world leader in engineering, manufacturing, distributing and installing modular floating docks. CANDOCK has developed an expertise in producing the highest quality plastics. Today, our customers can benefit from our ability to manufacture a wide range of products in our recently expanded plant equipped with modern and high-performance equipment, is also CERTIFIED ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004.We are continuing our research and development to offer you the highest quality products on the market today. Our sophisticated technology, combined with our expert customer service, has made Candock a leader in the international market. Our docks are ready to use on delivery for any large-scale projects.


Candock offers a superior quality modular floating dock system that is simple to install, flexible, and durable. It’s an ideal solution for residential and commercial (marina) docks.


Candock floating boat docks feature a modular design that is available in any shape or size. Our floating docks work with any type of boat or watercraft.


The Jetslide is a Drive-On Floating Boat Lift System that is safe and user-friendly. The JETSLIDE requires no maintenance.


The Candock PWC drive on drydock is highly recommended by the manufacturer to protect your craft. The JetSlide PWC lift is easy to use.