Marine Air Conditioning

Marine Air Conditioning

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Coolmar is manufacture HVAC&R products appropriate for all areas by varying product groups and extensive capacity range in special dimensions and models and with innovative designs. In addition to project designing and documentation, we render service in this sector with fancoil units, ventilation fans, exhaust fans, air conditioning plants, cooling systems, machinery ventilation fans, heat exchangers, central heating systems, split and package type air conditioners, inverter systems and other relevant products. These products were designed so as to be silent and operate with minimum energy and maximum efficiency in smallest possible dimensions for flybridges, sailing boats, catamarans, yachts and superyachts by focusing on comfort. We provide options appropriate for design of your boat by air conditioner control display with elegant looking vimar frame which is manufactured by us and has superior technical properties.

MAP 005 - 024

MAP SERIES: In addition to standard package marine air conditioner manufacturing of 5.000 – 24.000 btu/h capacity, we manufacture these order-specific marine air conditioners of 30.000 – 240.000 btu/h capacity.


MAR SERIES: These are products that conform to all refrigerators and deep freezers used for food storage regardless of their volume, type, model and brand, can respond to temperature conditions within the refrigerators and of which condenser operate with sea water. Our internal units installed within the N-Frost fan cooling refrigerator and made of 304 quality fully stainless are within the scope of our standard manufacturing processes.


Easiness for carriage, assembly, maintenance and repair applications are provided thanks to the advantages of modular structure of our chiller systems. Stainless plate exchanger provides minimum power loss, maximum performance, rapid cooling and heating. 304 quality chromium-nickel body and connection components as well as copper and nickel alloyed condenser used in manufacturing ensures endurance for long years under marine conditions. The system is wholly protected via high and low gas pressure protection, water flow control and freezing sensor. The system can be operated under best conditions by the control system manufactured by Carel as well as large programming range and four different temperature sensors.

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Speed Marine is an authorized COOLMAR marine air conditioning Dealer. We perform “Turn Key” installations with Preventative Maintenance and emergency service available with Speed Marine Business Hours.